donderdag 1 mei 2014

The Captain don't get nervous but when your heroes call you to do the intro for them there's a certain amount of pressure. Still, the feeling you get while walking towards that stage with them, covered with gasoline or not is something you wanna experience everyday. And then of course, there's that moment with the band ON stage. It's one of those Rocky Balboa "yo Adrian, I did it" moments in life. A man needs heroes, I have a bunch of them and Joe, JC and every band member there was are way up on that list.
Rest in Peace Joe Young, Your pal, The Captain

donderdag 27 februari 2014

zondag 16 februari 2014

And another videoshoot we did this afternoon. This time for an electro/hardcore band from the uk. Results, soon. First burn in years I didn't do as 'Captain catastrophy'. Did a first one without the hoods using watergel this afternoon, what an invention! Didn't look that cool though.

dinsdag 4 februari 2014


OUT VERY SOON. Featuring another Captain Catastrophy adventure by yours truly and stories by Eric Perfect from Kaddilac Tattoo/Hellstomper/Rancid Vat/Limecell/Workhorse III and The Hheels...Alan King from Hellstomper, Joel Rivers from Before I hang and Erika Lane from the Stovebolts!

zaterdag 30 november 2013


OKAY...The previous LOUD COMIX post is a preview of a future issue. My first contribution will be my Adventures on the moon and will be featured in the LOD COMIX Issue 2, the December Issue. Check it out!

vrijdag 29 november 2013

I'm officially in more Music Videos than Snoop Diddy!

dinsdag 26 november 2013


Here's a preview of one of the stories i've contributed to LOUD COMIX. (Issue one, featuring stories by Erika Lane, Alan King, Frankie Nowhere and Sonny Joe Harlan is available HERE